ICAgile Certified Agile Coach Workshop

This is an intensive interactive experience that provides an opportunity to discover where you are in your Agile Coach journey and to learn new skills and techniques to progress further and faster in that journey. In all, you will learn fifteen tools to use with your teams. Two thirds of the workshop is spent in fun hands-on group activities and games with between 2-5 people depending on the activity. The workshop is methodology agnostic.

What you learn is applicable for coaching in any Agile-oriented environment whether people are using Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, LeSS, or any other Agile-oriented set of practices. The focus here is on building your Agile coaching skillset and toolbox, not on increasing your Agile expertise.

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Advanced Agile Coaching –
Professional Coaching for Agilists

This is a comprehensive Professional Coaching course (60 hours) specifically designed for people working in Agile environments. The instructor is an experienced Enterprise Agile Coach and your fellow students will also come from Agile backgrounds. Example scenarios used in the course are all drawn from real examples that took place in Agile environments.

The course will teach you all of the core competencies of being a Professional Coach, such as creating a coaching agreement, active listening, powerful questioning, using presence and helping people design their own methods for holding themselves accountable.

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