What People Say

“I’ve worked as a change leader and team coach for a long time in the Agile space but had never taken formal training specifically for coaching before attending Damon’s course. A key epiphany for me was understanding the difference between coaching modes and recognizing the best time in a person’s change journey to apply them. I came away with a very helpful framework for coaching which I am applying now.”

Rob Scebold

“Damon is a seasoned Agilist and very experienced coach’s coach. His class is informative, provocative, and delivered with a wry sense of humor. I am sure you will enjoy the class and come away learning a lot.”

Shyam Kumar, President of Agile New England

“I got transformed mentally and professionally by Damon Poole’s ICP-ACC workshop. It was a defining moment in my Agile coaching career. The knowledge, potential unleashed and the impactful connections I made have been speaking to me louder than I envisaged.”

Ajibade Momolosho

“Attending this workshop produced an immediate improvement in how I approach coaching!! Practical application started the next day with the first team member I met with, and I now have stronger goals around practicing and improving specific coaching skills.” 

David Kiersznowski